Monthly Archives: January 2012

Welcome to the club!

Welcome! I’m going to be using this blog to give details of all my accordion teaching activities, and to post all kinds of interesting music and bits and bobs.

The other day I ran an accordion workshop at the wonderful Bristol Folkhouse. I was a bit nervous beforehand because I wanted to give people a really useful session, but I hadn’t run a four hour workshop for mixed abilities before. I assembled all kinds of ideas, pieces of music and so on, but I didn’t know how it would work out in practice. But it was great – people seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully everyone came away having learned something.

The upshot is that I’ve decided to run a regular teaching group in Bristol. I will be doing two sessions, one for beginners and one for improvers – I define an improver as someone who can play a tune with both hands that has more than one chord in it… Full details are on the ‘workshops’ page. If you are interested in coming along please do get in touch.