Here’s a great tune: Nigel Kennedy with the fantastic Polish trio Kroke. Have a look on Youtube for more music by Kroke – they are really superb. I will put the sheet music for this tune on here soon so that you can download and learn it if you like…

This is just lovely – Fiona Barrow, the violinist, is based in Bristol (or used to be at least). I hadn’t come across the accordionist before but I love what he’s doing here, a very subtle, controlled, unshowy accompaniment to Fiona’s wonderful playing. notice how he shifts the harmonies around under the tune and switches effortlessly back and forth between playing rhythmic chords to doubling the tune.

This is the mighty Nadara Gypsy Band. The accordionist is a French woman called Alexandra Beaujard; she’s married to one of the band (the violinist, I think) who are Hungarian gypsies. They’ve toured a lot in Europe, but here they are in a sunny little yard in Hungary with some fantastic dancers.

Notice the characteristically infectious Hungarian gypsy rhythm – boom boom boom on the double bass and the accordion playing all the offbeats. Makes you want to dance!

Ah, tango! The great Pete Rosser of Tango Siempre playing his own highly atmospheric composition with characteristic elegance. I love the rich, cinematic sound that Tango Siempre seem to get from their deceptively simple arrangments.


One thought on “Music

  1. Pat Gilbert says:


    Saw Fiona and Ed accompanying Eve Lioseau in the show Edith Piaf – the Songs last year – they were all brilliant! Below is a link to the Tobacco Factory web site which gives some of the player’s backgrounds. The connection between Fiona and Ed while playing was amazing to watch!–The-Songs


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